Leeds City Digital Partnerships Team

Welcome to the Leeds City Digital Partnerships Team Space

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We are proud of our work in leading place based delivery of digital innovation across the Health and Care system in Leeds. We have a strong city wide commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of all the people of Leeds and digital is a core element in making this happen.

The commitments in this page are made by all partners across our system jointly working as if we are one organisation focused on the best health and wellbeing outcomes of our populations across Leeds. Testament to this is the jointly funded City Digital Partnership Team that is responsible for managing the delivery of these on behalf of the system, making best use of the Leeds tech pound.

One particular element where we are a national leader is the advanced work of our City Analytics team combining data across health, care and other organisations and providing analysis at the place based level, distinct from individual organisations, informing population health management decisions.

We are confident that this approach to Digital and Data will enable us to deliver the ambitions of our Health and Wellbeing Plan, within the context of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Integrated Care System.

Healthcare professionals and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in our city recognise the need to be using shared information and technical capabilities that can integrate with each other. The Leeds City Digital Team is responsible for aligning organisations and creating opportunities to integrate care via digital means.

The Leeds City Digital Partnerships Team is supported by the following organisations:

  • Leeds City Council

  • NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust

  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

  • Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust

  • NHS Digital

The concept of a “Left Shift” towards increasing prevention and early intervention in Leeds is embodied into leadership conversations across the city. Our mission is that the needs of one person is addressed by people
acting as one team, from organisations behaving as one system. Our Digital Strategy and ways of working is aligned to that and extend outside the traditional boundaries of Local Government and the NHS to independent providers and the third sector.

We are switching from technology based around the needs of organisations, to being focused around the needs of people and places.

Our blueprint sets out our commitment to undertake this programme in a common way; merging our infrastructure strategies so that we’re building a digital community platform to enable this.

In Leeds we have a proven track record of developing and adopting innovation and through the City Digital Team we plan to continue this and embrace the opportunities available in this digital age. The wonderful city
of Leeds is uniquely placed to lead the way in the use of digital across the health and care sector to deliver better care for people.

We have a high number of health technology workers based in Leeds, a cohesive integrated system of health providers working together at scale and integrated at all levels with social care services. We have developing
local care partnerships to allow bespoke community services working across the public and voluntary sectors. Building on the Leeds Care record and the increasing connections between health and social care providers we will develop a strong infrastructure to deliver the best care for people
in the future.

Our focus is on getting the best out of technology, informatics and innovation to help people live happy healthy lives. Designing services with people and the professionals who care for them, with strong clinical
leadership and a high level of technical expertise, will ensure we improve the lives of people in Leeds and the individuals caring for them. Our blueprint describes in more detail how we are committed to achieving this.